We are now an official Training Provider for the Apprenticeship Levy

Friday, 19 May 2017

What a fantastic end to a busy week!  Here in the office we are opening the Champagne and celebrating the fact that we have been approved as a Supporting Provider on the Governments Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers for the new Apprenticeship Levy launched 6th April 2017.

The apprenticeship levy is intended to create the next generation of skilled workers and we are extremely excited to be part of this fantastic initiative which will encourage employers to invest in training and improve the skills and knowledge of their teams in-house.

We can now enter into subcontracting arrangements with any UK based business to deliver their internal apprenticeship programme. This includes an NVQ, Technical Certificates and Functional Skills (Maths; English and ICT).

The way it works is that we can draw funding through a prime contractor (up to £500,000 per year) specifically to deliver a range of specialist provisions covering Enforcement; Care; Construction; Hospitality Customer Service to name a few.

About the Apprenticeship Levy

Under the scheme, companies whether public or private with an annual wage bill of £3m or more will have pay 0.5pc of their staff cost into the fund through PAYE, a system which will draw in about 22,000 companies. They will then be able to draw on the fund - which will get a 10pc top-up from government - to pay for training courses, with the aim of creating 3m apprentices by 2020.

From May 2017 employers not paying the levy, who offer apprenticeships to 16 to 18 year olds, will receive 100 per cent of the cost of the training from the Government, up to the maximum funding bands. Employers will have to pay 10 per cent of the cost of the apprenticeship training for those aged 19 and over and the Government will pay the remaining 90 per cent, up to the maximum funding bands. This support applies to all age groups.

If you would like to know more about the apprenticeship levy or are ready to work with EndeavourUK to deliver your apprenticeship programme then email us at info@endeavouruk.com today!



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