First Aid

FA06 - Anaphylaxis First Aid (Epi-pen Training)

This 2 hour course is designed for teachers, group leaders, carers or anyone else who needs training in how and when to use an auto injector (Epi-pen). Workplace first aiders who have to deal with those prone to anaphylaxis should also attend.

Course Description

The course gives hands-on training with the Epi-pen and Jext auto injectors. We will also train you in the use of the newest type of auto injector, the Emerade. This course covers:

  • understanding the legal position on treating an anaphylactic reaction in the workplace
  • understanding what anaphylaxis is
  • knowing the causes of anaphylaxis
  • recognising signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis
  • being competent to use adrenaline auto injectors safely and to pass on information in a safe and appropriate way

Learners will undertake a practical assessment of their competence along with a short open response knowledge assessment. Learners will also be shown how to do CPR and be given the opportunity to practise. Successful learners will be gain a certificate for this course.

This course will be held in London or Essex and will be within walking distance of public transport. For groups we are able to deliver this course at your chosen location UK wide. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Upcoming Course Dates

For all upcoming courses, please contact us on 020 3637 5161
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