Endeavour Security

EndeavourSecurity offers an international risk management and security service. Our highly trained and experienced security staff have a wealth of knowledge to assist our clients, their customers and property.

With the current threat of global terror, security is seen as a necessity for many, not a luxury. Good security personnel need to be extremely well trained, well disciplined and always prepared.

At EndeavourSecurity, all of our security staff are professionally trained, fully qualified and SIA-licensed.

EndeavourSecurity can deploy our highly experienced close protection officers and other security staff in all environments, nationally or internationally, including hostile environments where we will conduct a detailed risk assessment and develop a protection strategy tailored to the perceived threat.

EndeavourSecurity will always gather intelligence and complete a threat analysis and risk assessment on our client’s behalf in order that our close protection officers and security personnel can conduct their duties to their highest ability.

We are able to provide effective, unobtrusive close protection whether for corporate, celebrity, merchant bankers, diplomats, international visitors, dignitaries or government officials.

For clients requiring absolute discretion, our team of close protection officers are experts at covert security, delivering maximum security for minimum visibility. We can also offer more visible protection for high profile clients. We provide well presented, intellectual individuals who do not appear aggressive or intimidating yet provide a high level of close protection.

Our mission is to provide the best security service keeping our clients, their customers and properties safe.

Our vision at EndeavourSecurity is to offer our clients the best no hassle security support, using only the most professional highly trained security staff.

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